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What is the difference between tamper evident and CRC?

If your product contains any potentially harmful substances such as medicines or chemicals that could be hazardous if taken in the wrong dosage, they likely require child resistant closures otherwise known as CRC.

Tamper evident seals guarantee that the contents of the package have not been altered from the time it is sealed at the filler until it has reached the consumer. It provides additional protection without having to add a plastic shrink wrap to the closure. Like plastic shrink wrap, tamper evident seals are single use; meaning that once the seal is broken, it cannot be reapplied.

Child-resistant closure technology acts as the second line of defense for the bulk. These closures are easily opened by adults with a simple “push down and turn” motion. Failing to push down while turning will result in the cap spinning freely without engaging the threaded profile.

Child-resistant and tamper evident closures are ideal for bulks such as essential oils, serums, CBD, or other potentially harmful substances in the case of accidental child ingestion. Child-resistant and tamper evident closures are available on APC Packaging’s new CRAM & CREW droppers. Tamper evident closures are available on the cap with an orifice reducer. Both are combined with a threaded glass bottle currently available in either clear or amber.

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