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Innovation in the packaging industry is fast-paced and never ending. Adapting to the rapidly changing packaging landscape requires a forward-thinking approach to finding high-quality, unique, and innovative packaging solutions that will serve the evolving needs of your customers.

Here are four key elements to consider for your future packaging project needs: 

Consider the weight
Switching to lighter weight products can bring you substantial savings when it comes to shipping your product, but lighter doesn’t always have to mean low-quality. Consider mixing and matching containers and closures to save weight while not sacrificing the look and feel. This can also be done by switching between double wall and single wall products or switching materials.

Recent polymer innovations allow you to achieve nearly any desired material properties to fit the requirements of your intended application through proper material selection. Learn more about our materials.

Consider the environment
Eco-conscious consumers are a rapidly rising segment in today’s culture, so think about ways you can appeal to consumers and reduce your own carbon footprint at the same time. Post-consumer recycled (PCR) resin has a much smaller environmental impact than virgin plastics and can be a great option to add a green product to your lineup, improve your brand image, and appeal to green consumers. Direct printing is also a great option, since it enhances sustainability and doesn’t have the same environmental issues associated with traditional labeling, which must be removed prior to recycling.

If you’re not ready to go fully green with your packaging, you can still appeal to that consumer segment by using renewable materials such as bamboo. Not only does it look great, but it is also appealing to customers looking for green products.

Consider the cost
Completely custom packaging gives your product a unique and amazing look that stands out to consumers, but it’s not for everyone. If you’re looking for cost advantages, consider stock packaging. Stock products are carefully curated, so you know you’re getting popular and effective packaging, and kept ready to ship out at a moment’s notice. Combine a stock product with some unique decorating, and you’ve got an eye-catching product.

Another way to gain some potential cost savings is to source you packaging before you design it. With so many options available to you, pre-sourcing your packaging can even help inform your design – and it reduces the chance that you get locked into a specific packaging style before you start shopping around.

Consider your partner
When working with a packaging suppler, you want to make sure they understand the industry, can reliably meet your needs, and have the capability to develop or recommend effective packaging solutions. You also want to make sure they have outstanding capabilities and resources and can deliver consistent products every time. At APC Packaging, we are dedicated to providing the highest quality packaging solutions possible for our customers and developing new and innovative products. We are committed to putting our customers first and providing the highest-level of customer service and satisfaction throughout the entire process.

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