Mono-Material Packaging

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APC Packaging wants to help businesses grow their sustainable packaging offer and make sure their brand DNA and requirements are still met. APC Packaging prides on providing the best solutions in the smartest way possible, which continues to be shown with our commitment to mono-material packaging.

What is Mono-Material Packaging?

Mono-material packaging is a package that includes only one type of material in its manufacturing. As mono-material packages comprise a single type of material, it is easier to recycle them than the products produced with different materials. It eliminates the need for material separation therefore increasing the likelihood that a package will actually be recycled. APC Packaging is now looking to enhance mono-material use to improve the sustainability of the brands that they work with as well as lessen the carbon footprint of their packaging.

Packaging closed with a figure of 21.51 million tons in 2020, and $58.9 billion of mono-material packaging consumption respectively in the same year. The trend on sustainable packaging suitable to satisfy customers continues to grow with a compound annual growth rate of 3.8%. So, it is safe to say mono-material packaging benefits greatly to the industry and its future endeavors.


Why choose mono-material packaging?

Here are some of the benefits of using mono-material packaging:

  • Recycling mono-materials is straightforward. Regular multi-layer packaging is hard to recycle because of the need to isolate the distinctive film layers.
  • Its packaging is environmentally friendly.
  • It involves less energy to manufacture it which improves the efficiency of the production process.
  • Recycling of mono-material adds to the circular global economy, which helps eliminating the damaging waste and over usage of resources.
  • The packaging collected as a waste enters a waste management stream and can then be repurposed.


APC Packaging is consistently keeping their customers and the environment at their top-of-mind awareness. Fully committed to providing sustainable packaging, mono-material packaging is one of many ideal solutions for your beauty products tailored to your brand.

You may have some questions related to the packaging of mono-material, let's talk to each other and find out their answers.

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