Pump or Sprayer Output

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If we talk about the general meaning of output, it is the amount of anything that is produced by a person, machine, or industry. In this definition, we mentioned the machine, so in our case, pumps and sprayers are those devices that commonly use a unit of measurement called output, or also known as dosage.


Unit of pump or sprayer Output


Let's now move on to its units. Output of pumps or sprayers is usually displayed in microliters (mcl), milliliters (ml), or cubic centimeters (cc). This measurement determines how much product is dispensed each time the pump is actuated.

Fine and regular mist sprayers commonly use mcl, or microliters, as their output measurement. A microliter is 1/1,000th of a milliliter. To better understand this, let's look at an example; assume that you have a fine mist sprayer. It has an output of 100 mcl. So, it implies that for each time you actuate the sprayer, you will get 100 microliters (mcl) of liquid.

It is essential to understand that the unit (output) of the capacity also depends on the size of pumps or sprayers as well as the liquid inside them. For instance, pumps and some larger sprayers have a much larger output capacity, and so, they typically use cc or ml for their output measurements. And that's why most lotion pumps have an output that ranges from 0.5cc to 4cc. Similarly, some larger products have an output in the range of 4cc - 8cc.

Understanding pump or sprayer Output

We hope that by now, you have understood enough about the output of the pump or sprayer. Actually, it is important to understand these numbers, so that you can properly determine the best pump or sprayer for your product based on your desired output. If you have any inquiries, don't hesitate to ask us!

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