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An essential oil is a liquid distilled from elements of a plant.  It is a natural way to infuse your product with aromatic and medicinal properties. As these oils have become more popular with consumers, they have also become a source of questions in the industry.

How To Store Your Oils
If you want to store pure essential oils, you’re going to need a glass or aluminum container. Plastic containers that hold essential oils commonly suffer from damage and deterioration. In some cases, where the oil is not sensitive to oxygen, fluorination can be used to create a barrier between the oil and the plastic container.

One of the most popular packaging options is glass, because the oils cannot be damaged by the glass and the glass cannot be damaged by the oils. Combine glass with an airtight lid, and you’ve got a great packaging solution.

Plastic containers, specifically PET or fluorinated PE or PP, can be used to store diluted essential oils without a problem. These oils are often included in lotions and other personal care products.

Why Is This Important?
Heat, light, oxygen, and moisture can all have a negative effect on the expiration date of your oil. Sunlight is especially bad, so it is also recommended to use amber or cobalt glass to keep your contents safe. When stored properly in the right containers, essential oils can have a very long shelf life.

As always, though, you need to test the compatibility of your product and your packaging to make sure everything works as it should.

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