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Finding a package for your product is only the first part of the job, now you need to make sure your product will pass seal & weight loss and how the bulk is to be dispensed. This where you much choose your closure.

Here are some things to consider when choosing a closure for your package.

Closure considerations:

  • Sealing
  • Prevent permeation of the product. Example airless vs atmospheric pumps
  • Consistent torque removal.
  • Be convenient and easy to use
  • Be aesthetically pleasing

Making a Closure
Plastic caps for jars or bottles are made one of two ways, injection molding or compression molding. Their advantages to both but material selection and aesthetics are the main considerations to be undertaken before choosing a method of production.

Using a Closure
The success of a standard threaded closure is based on using the proper neck or thread finish along with the proper application torque. Liner choice is also a consideration. Not only the thickness of the liner, but the type of liner can have a lot to do with protecting your bulk. To ensure proper sealing, please reach out to our Engineering Team for consultations.

Common Materials
There is a wide variety of resins and materials that can be used for a closure. Understanding the bulk as well as the aesthetic look desired can determine or limit the choices for a closure.

For more information please click the link below or contact our engineering group for assistance. https://apcpackaging.com/custom-services/

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