The Green Choice - Environmental Sustainability

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You open your computer, on the hunt for a new face cream. Right away, you’re bombarded by an endless scroll, colorful pictures and beautiful models trying to sell an image you should want. But how do you decide? What makes a good product and how do you sell it to the consumer? In a world run by e-commerce sales, making personal connections is almost impossible. So how do companies make sales?

The answer to this is, creating a product that not only appeals to the consumer on a visual level but on one that supports a cause they connect to and marketing features of it that are unique. APC has developed a strategy for companies to use this concept for the advantage of the clients we work with. Our model is one that creates packaging that is environmentally sustainable and visually appealing. This not only attracts consumers on a visual level but makes them feel better about using their products. While the foundation of products is what draws a consumer in, a great product is unusable if it does not have a vessel to be sold in.

The Green Choice - Environmental Sustainability

“An innovation must be replicable, economical and satisfy a particular need in the market.  Most airless refillable packages on the market are simply a screw-off pump branded as refillable.  The material selection has not changed, and the materials utilized are not easily recyclable.  Another issue that we are seeing is that the packaging is not intuitive for user-friendly use and reuse”. The patented Airless Refillable System designed by APC Packaging’s engineering department utilizes a simple push of a button to release the inner assembly which allows the customer to easily replace only the inner bottle and then easily slide and snap back into position.  The Airless Refillable System will be available in 30ml and 50ml versions.

The beauty industry creates 120 billion units of packaging every year. The beauty industry is far from plastic-free. It creates a ton of plastic waste and boasts a $532 billion global economy. Packaging is the number one contributor to plastic production in the world and offender for plastic waste pollution. Plastic is not the only waste created in the name of beauty and personal care; it equally creates an excess of cellophane, cardboard and paper waste. Paperboard boxes are wrapped in shiny transparent plastic and cover already packaged creams and toothpaste that do not require another layer of material, making the products more expensive for the manufacturer and the consumer; contributing to deforestation, increasing water consumption, and CO2 emissions.

As such, APC has created a perfect model to create a vessel for our clients to make their products the best they can be. In a world of endless scrolling and noise, it is important for all companies to find ways to stand out. While every company is working towards being unique, the APC model shows us how one can be unique while also creating products that every party can feel good about buying. As consumers in the 21st century, we must not only be cognizant of the compounds in the products we use but the way in which they are made and packaged. Waste is one of the biggest issues in our world today. APC has developed a way to reduce waste at all levels, while also creating products that stand out on the sales floor.

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